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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


   Our purpose here at Matlin is quite simple...To provide affordable, effective tools for postural rehabilitation and to make these methods understandable and applicable for doctors of all techniques.

     I spent many years associated with one popular chiropractic technique teaching postural correction. As time passed, I realized the subject matter was becoming unnecessarily complicated and much of the acquired body of knowledge relevant to postural chiropractic was only available via a lengthy series of seminars.

     I also realized that most doctors have no desire to change techniques or revamp every aspect of their clinics. Many of you just need effective tools to do your job, and a working understanding of how to implement simple and effective methods of postural correction. That focus has allowed Matlin Mfg to grow and prosper for well over two decades now.

     So, browse through the site and familiarize yourself with the various tools and methods available. Request our introductory report and catalog. Yes, there's a learning curve to these methods, but it's an easy one to master and most of the basic information is available free through our reports and newsletters. And of course if you have questions, you can always call us for personal support. That's why we're here.



Best regards,
Mark R Payne DC
President - Matlin Mfg. Inc.

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