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CET-1 Traction

To be used as an aid in restoring the cervical lordosis. Unit may be used supine or seated.
Shown here in use with counterstressing stap (not included)
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Product SKU: CET-1

Mechanism: Traction force is provided by means of a weighted harness over the chin and forehead. Very versatile. May be used supine to provide long axis traction and extension or seated to provide compression loading and extension. Supine use generally involves a fulcrum or roll for neck support (sold separately). Seated use is generally combined with a CounterStressing strap for comfort and is called Compression/CounterStressing Traction (Aka the “Stynchula” method) and has become very popular for both in-office and home traction.

Description: Soft, comfortable, universal harness w/ adjustable forehead strap. Heavy cotton duck weight bag holds up to 9 lbs. of lead shot. Color black. Comes with patient literature. Includes: harness, weight bag, plastic liner, and complete instructions. Lead shot, rolls, neck fulcrums, and other accessories are sold separately.


Supine use of the CET-1 Harness generally requires a roll or fulcrum beneath the neck for support.





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