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     Doctors interested in incorporating postural rehab methods into their practices may occasionally need some help with different aspects of postural chiropractic. The following series of reports may be downloaded at no charge are my attempt at condensing the basics of a number of subjects down into an easily digestible format. No representation is made that these works are complete or all inclusive.

     These works are provided without express or limited warranty of any kind by either the author or anyone who has been involved in their creation, production, or distribution, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the value of and usability of the information presented in these reports lie with the reader.

     No representation is made that methods discussed in these reports are appropriate for any individual patient. Doctors in need of additional information may wish to seek out seminar training to improve their professional skills in postural chiropractic. By downloading any of these documents, you agree to the above and take full responsibility for the treatment of your patients.



Best Corrections of Your Career Series:

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Guerilla Rehab—Survival Tactics for the Chiropractic Jungle










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