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Foot Orthotics

     Roughly 80% of adults will present with some degree of mechanical breakdown of the feet in the form of rearfoot pronation and or loss of the longitudinal arch (flat foot). Some may be quite mild, but many will be severe enough to impact spinal alignment and function. Left uncorrected, breakdown of the feet can sabotage your best efforts to correct the spine.

     Pre engineered orthotics provide a cost effective way to manage the most common biomechanical problems without the expense of lab molded orthotics. Rather than try to “reinvent the wheel” we’ve acquired a distributorship for the VASYLI Medical lineup of pre made orthotics.

     I’ve personally used VASYLI products for myself, my family, and patients for years. My clinical results have been have been outstanding to the extent that I now very rarely find myself in need of lab molded devices. I ‘m very proud to be able to add the VASYLI product line to our catalog.

Step by Step for purchasing Vasyli Orthotics

Step One - Determine patient’s shoe size
Step Two - Determine what type of footwear the device will be used in.
Step Three - Determine which Vasyli orthotic is most appropriate for your patient. *

*Vasyli makes orthotics for use in athletic/work shoes, men’s and women’s dress shoes, even high heels. Some devices are offered in both 3/4 and full lengths, as well as different grades of firmness to accommodate your patient’s needs and preference. Read product descriptions thoroughly before ordering.