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The Secret to Getting Medical and Chiropractic Referrals

By Stephan Troyanovich DC and Roger Coleman DC
The Secret to GettingMedical and Chiropractic Referrals: A Complete Marketing Program for Massage Therapists
Secret to
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Since it has become a common practice to incorporate massage therapists into one's practice, Coleman and Troyanovich explain in their book how to build the referral base within the community. By combining their considerable skills, the authors were able to produce a prewritten series of newsletters designed to communicate the documented benefits of massage therapy. This ultimately results in enhanced professional referrals. The book explains how to communicate with other professionals in the language they understand: science. It includes an entire year's worth of newsletters, complete with marketing tips designed to enhance one's professional image. Ring binder format. Includes CD files of each newsletter to make personalization for one's practice a snap.


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