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Dr Mark PayneDear Friends and Colleagues, 


Since graduating chiropractic college in 1979, I’ve been constantly searching for better ways to correct spines.  In the mid eighties I found myself at the mercy of unscrupulous manufacturers who were ripping me off with overpriced, poorly designed products. So I started to design and manufacture the in need of effective and affordable tools I couldn’t find anywhere else, so I began to design and manufacture a couple of items I needed in my own practice. Eventually a few of my colleagues wanted to buy some as well. Before you knew it, I was “in business”.

     By 1988, I incorporated my little company as Matlin Mfg. Inc.  (named after my kids Matt and Lindsey) The products you see here grew out my experience as a corrective care practitioner (24 years),  a technique instructor for a nationally known technique seminar, and the contributions of a lot of other creative friends and colleagues. In the early days, Matlin only sold to doctors certified in that particular technique, but we have worked hard at simplifying the use of effective postural correction tools so they can now be used by doctors of all techniques. I like to keep things as simple as possible because for the most part, simple works. Simple gets things done. Simple lowers costs and improves compliance.

     And our mission here at Matlin is simple as well. We bring you innovative, no-nonsense products at a fair price and do everything in our power to help you get started making the best corrections of your career. We offer a variety of products for both home and office use ranging from extension traction, rehab equipment, adjusting blocks, even free information products, all designed to help you produce real and lasting structural corrections. You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles here, no frills or fancy packaging...just products that work. 

     If you find something that interests you, I encourage you to go ahead and try it. I always guarantee your satisfaction 100%. I hope you find our products to be a useful addition to your treatment methods.


Thanks for your interest,

Mark R. Payne DC

President/ Matlin Mfg. Inc.


Information contained in this website and/or any publications of Matlin Mfg Inc. is provided for distribution only to licensed doctors of chiropractic. By accessing the website you accept full responsibility for the proper use and application of any products or methods described herein and acknowledge your responsibility as the attending doctor to determine what is appropriate and safe for your patient and to instruct all patients thoroughly in the proper use of any therapeutic equipment. No representation is made as to the safety, or fitness of use of Matlin products or the methods described herein for any particular patient. Such decisions rest entirely with the attending doctor.